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Staying Ahead with 3D Product Visualisations

For small product and furniture businesses it can be an ongoing battle to compete for customers against industry leaders. If you’re struggling to keep up, it may well be time to utilise the same tools and tricks implemented by those more successful. Read on to see how 3D product visualisation could revolutionise your furniture/lighting/product business in more ways than you might think…


Renders vs Photoshoots

Using realistic and impactful visualisations instead of photographs has a multitude of benefits. From a cost perspective, the logistics involved in manufacturing, transporting, venue hire, the shoot itself, and the post-production on top represent a substantial cost. Accordingly, keeping the production of the same images virtual will always be a fraction of this price.

Likewise, from a time perspective, the complications mentioned above are removed when the same results are achieved online. What might have taken weeks can be achieved in days.

Visualisations in place of photographs also allows for interesting and creative camera angles to be achieved with ease, highlighting details which may be easily missed by a traditional camera. Cut-out images showing how the piece has been put together being a prime example!

Finally, but perhaps most importantly, choosing visualisations as a means of imagery not only facilitates but encourages each product and everything it has to offer to be fully represented. Each fabric or finish selection, each customisation option and configuration, each background setting; all achieved quickly and simply. The same results, endless opportunity, but a fraction of the hassle.



According to a Video Marketing Statistics 2017 survey carried out by Wyzowl, 72% of businesses who use video believed that it had improved the conversion rate of their website. Creating a short 3D animation show reel of your latest products highlighting how select pieces will look in real life settings is a fantastic way to capture attention. This not only has benefits for your website, but companies to stand out from the competition at trade shows and events. Hosting these videos online as part of a social media strategy (YouTube etc) is also likely to increase web traffic.


360 degree imagery

A 360 degree image, be it of a complete scene or an individual piece, offers a far more immersive experience than static imagery. Enabling the user to interactively explore and engage with a product can, accordingly, make a huge difference in sales. 360 degree visualisations allow their clients to preview fully realised designs from the comfort of their desk or home, lessening the need for face-to-face presentations and show room visits, particularly when time and distance are key determining factors in a project.


Virtual Reality

For those looking beyond 360 degree visualisations, a virtual reality setup goes one step further. Show potential customers around a virtual room, furnished with your designs, or allow them to engage with a virtual product from each and every angle. Easily achievable and incredibly effective. Seeing is believing!


Social Media

More and more we are working with product and furniture companies with the sole purpose of assisting them with content for social media. With photo realistic product visualisations being both time and cost effective to produce, we have seen a huge push in the amount of companies seizing the opportunity to showcase their portfolios on Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter etc in a multitude of unique and interesting ways.

Not only this, but we have been working closely with companies who are using product visualisations as the basis of online competitions. We have recently teamed up with Decca, who have invited 11 interior design companies to customise select pieces and design their own scenes. Unbuilt will be producing renders for each of 50+ customised furniture pieces, as well as the final room designs. More to follow!


Manufacturing Efficiency

3D product visualisation can be a great help in improving the efficiency of all costs related to product manufacture. There has never been an easier time to display products in every design, finish and customisation but only manufacture the items that have been ordered. The result; a substantial decrease in unsold stock and returns.


Do you have any upcoming 3D product projects you’d like to speak to us about? We’d love to hear from you and look forward to assisting in any way we can.